Meet Dr. Matthys

Hi, I'm Dr. Tim Matthys and I was and raised in Davenport, Iowa. I was legally diagnosed Deaf at the age of 18 months but that never stopped me from achieving my goals throughout life. I attended Assumption High School where I competed in baseball, football, and wrestling. In wrestling,  I was a 2x State finalist and won the State title in 1998. I attended the University of Northern Iowa on a wrestling scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor's degree. I then received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. While attending Palmer, I played rugby for the Clinton Muddy River and helped them win the 2004 National Championship.

In order to be the best in my field, I continue to broaden my knowledge of the practice of chiropractic by taking part in numerous postgraduate programs including: Sports Injury Seminars, Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR), and many more. I remain at the forefront of chiropractic and its procedures by continually striving to deliver excellent care that each of my patients deserves. My goal is to help you improve your health naturally; without drugs or surgery.

My Approach

A high level of personal care and attention to my patients defines the approach of Matthys Family & Sports Chiropractic. I consider it a sacred privilege to care for my patients, and enjoy the challenge of finding answers for patients to help them Live their Life!

Exceptional care, in my eyes, means taking the time to know and understand patients, going out of the way to find answers to their problems and to provide a variety of traditional and alternative therapies under the roof of Matthys Family & Sports Chiropractic to help patients feel great again.

I believe in, and practice a holistic, noninvasive approach to treating injuries and pain. In specific cases when a Medical Doctor or an Orthopedic Surgeon is a better choice, I call on a deep network of referrals with who I have built relationships with and trust.

How I got into Chiropractic

Prior to being a Senior at Assumption, I had received Chiropractic adjustments but never fully understood how the body worked and the benefits of Chiropractic care. That is until one scary episode that happened to me during a football game against Bettendorf at which time I though my career in sports was in jeopardy. As we all know, being a Senior at your respective High School, you feel like you have something to prove and you want to complete your year on top.

This is my story......

In wrestling of 1997, my Junior year, I got a taste of the Iowa State Wrestling Tournament after coming up short my Sophomore year by not qualifying for State. Everything was clicking for me as I wrestled my way to the Championship match only to lose 3-1. That had left a bitter taste in my mouth and I worked extremely hard in the off-season along with the help of my brothers for the upcoming Senior year. I didn't want to leave wondering what could I or should I have done better.

In the cool crisp fall, school had already started and football season was underway. Everything was going as well as I could have expected for myself and my team during the season until the Assumption/Bettendorf game. As you know, or may not know, Assumption vs. Bettendorf games were and still are to this day the most intense rivalry between the two schools. When you wake up on the morning unable to get oout of bed and your whole body aches, you knew you were jest in a battle. That's what makes the Assumption vs. Bettendorf game the most anticipated game to watch every year.

During the game, we were returning a kickoff and I was leading the charge. At the end of the play, I ended up on the bottom of the pile with my left foot planted upright on the ground. A player landed right on top of my foot and I felt the most excruciating pop that caused me to stay on the ground as I couldn't get up nor put any weight on it.

I was taken to the hospital that night to get X-rays and I was sitting there just hoping and praying that the results would come back negative. Sitting out in the hallway with my parents awaiting the news, the Doctor came out and gave us the news we didn't want to hear. I had a fracture on the 4th metatarsal of my foot and would need surgery to have pins inserted into the bone to stabilize it. If that was what was needed to be done to fix the fracture and there was no other way that could be non-invasive, my football season would be finished and I wouldn't be able to wrestle for 95% of the season. As that was said, I broke down crying, thinking that I just may be done with sports for good.

My parents, God bless them, were hard headed and wanted to get a second opinion. We went to a different Doctor and he took a look at the X-rays then gave us the same bad news that we didn't want to hear again.

At that point, things were looking slim until a friend of the family had mentioned to us to go see a Chiropractor. I was willing to try anything to get back on the field with my teammates and to get ready for wrestling season. We went to the Chiropractor and had given him the X-rays to look at. He examined it and asked us what the Doctors had told us. We told him that the Doctors recommended surgery and that there was no other alternative. He looked at the X-ray with a puzzled look and said to us, "No Tim does not need surgery." That was sweet music to our ears! The Chiropractor explained what was wrong on the X-ray and said that the "fracture" the Doctors thought I had was actually a mach effect.

What is a mach effect? A mach effect is an optical illusion that shows you something but in reality it isn't there.

What happened, as the Chiropractor described to us, was the nurse was wearing protective radioactive gloves when she was holding my foot in certain positions for X-rays to be taken. As the emission from the unit shot out, it bounced off the nurse's gloves and created a line on my 4th metatarsal making it look like there is a fracture, thus displaying a mach effect.

My parents asked the Chiropractor what the "pop" in my foot meant when the injury happened. He explained by showing us on the X-ray that the bones were knocked out of alignment when the injury occurred. It created pressure on the muscle and most importantly the nerves which was why I had sharp pain whenever I attempted to move my foot. He proceeded to adjust my foot and I felt a big crunch as all the bones were moved back into alignment! What was amazing was that most of the pain quickly dissolved although there were minimal soreness but that was to be expected. Through rehab and daily adjustments, I was able to make it back on the field in just 2 short weeks! That is a lot better than sitting out the entire 2 sport seasons.

What was the result? We made it to the quarterfinals bowing out to Iowa City High and I made the Quad Cities All-Metro team on Defense as Defensive End. In Wrestling, I went on to win a State Title along with Team State, thanks to my parents for their determination to find another way and to my brothers for their guidance and training me to achieve my goals. After that season, I earned a scholarship to wrestle for the University of Northern Iowa.

Looking back, if I had undergone surgery, there's no knowing if I would've made it back in time to wrestle at the end of the year or if I would have gotten a scholarship.